Dec 10, 2021

Certain people walk into your life and add a sense of brilliance to things. Things look different when they’re around. When they walk out of the room, things are not as bright, not as great, not as amazing. That’s because their color is a potency that adds to the things around you that create a different result in your world and everybody else’s. – Gary Douglas / Choice of Possibilities

One of the wickedest, most awesome things I find about color is that it is totally unjustifiable, inexplainable of the emotions and energies it is able to evoke in people. When someone has a favorite color, there is no reason. For the most part, one of the very first things we discover as a child is our “favorite color”….. why?

I know this from my son. He is obsessed with blue. Blue gets to be his color. He will say the exact shade blue he likes and he will point to it.

Whether you are an interior designer or you are doing graphic design work or you are...

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